Cold (Muichiro x re...
By Alychan09
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(Y/n) is a cheerful and chatty. She is also just a regular demon slayer. Who made it her personal mission to befriend Muichiro despite him ignoring her every attempt. What will happen when Muichiro realizes that (y/n) is slowly distancing herself and fInds a new target to befriend. This story just focused on Muichiro x reader and the reader interacting with other characters. This is a slow burn It will not be following any manga or anime plot. The pronouns will be she/her I aged up Muichiro and (y/n) to be 16 Giyuu is aged down to be 18 This is my first x reader so it might not be the best. The photo I used as the cover belongs to Storm Dragon.

Chapter 1: 🥪Sandwiches and Advice 🗣️

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Cold (Mui...
by Alychan09