Malvado a pure evil...
By DarkCastingMoon
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Jungkook saw pure red blood sliding from the lifeless body on his white marble tiles which was still staring at his direction. Jungkook's heart clenched as if someone had stabbed poisonous needles in it. He gritted his teeth when his eyes landed on the bastard who barged inside his home and terrorized his small happy family that Jungkook made with so much love. He wants nothing but to rip the head off of the bastard name Kim Taehyung who dares to claim that he loves him. But he couldn't move. Because someone so precious to him is in Kim Taehyung's possession right now. Jungkook is afraid even slighlest movements will make the man to break the neck of his son. ⟰Top Tae ⟱Bottom Kook ⟲ my story is completely a work of fiction. The characters I used only for entertainment purposes. Do not romanticize or disrespect the idol in real life. Do not plagiarism. Thank you⟲


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Malvado a...
by DarkCastingMoon