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Book 1 - The Lotus Moon Series - Beta Lancaster Beta Taylor Lancaster was never supposed to take a mate, as a category three dangerous wolf, he was destined to be alone because who could ever truly love a monster. That was until a runaway alpha's daughter cyclones into his life and turns his world upside down. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Don't talk to me like this. I am an Alpha's daughter. I'm going to be a Luna someday; I don't need to take this shit from you." I fold my arms over amused at the little princesses high and mighty attitude as she purses her lips at me defiantly. "Oh really, a Luna huh? Where's this is alpha mate of yours?" I smirk. "What lucky fucker he must be." "Well, that's why I'm here and travelled all this way. The alpha here needs a Luna and..." My smile drops from my lips instantly. "The only Alpha in these parts is Alpha Christian. Is that who you're thinking of targeting? What you gonna do, drug him too? You're nothing but a gold-digger." The blonde jumps off the bed with her sheets wrapped tightly around her body before shoving me as he gold eyes light up with rage. I wish she wasn't so sexy when she's angry. "You know nothing about me! Let me guess, you're just a patrol wolf thinking you're the big shit around here. Well, I've got news for you buddy, I'm not some fucking gold digger and Alpha Christian will probably demote your ass when he hears how you've treated me on his lands." She snarls. "I'm pretty confident the Alpha's not gonna be interested in you, sweetheart." I grit through my teeth. "Oh yeah and whys that?" She practically screams in my face as I chuckle darkly whilst pulling on my boxers. "Cause you just fucked his brother." I growl at her, enjoying seeing her eyes go wide with surprise before she curses.


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