Waiting for you
By KrishMew
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Vegas Pete story... "Do you marry me Vegas?" "Huh?" "Huh?" I can hear his friend's reaction but Vegas didn't even change his expression and he just walk past me. What happening maybe he didn't hear me right so I asked him again with my high voice "DO YOU MARRY ME VEGAS?" suddenly he stopped and I smiled and run infront of him again. "Answer me Vegas" I demanded "What's your age?" he asked with plain face but his voice is mesmerizing me. "10 years" I answered his friends are smiled "What did I make any joke?" I asked with serious expression and Vegas chucked this is the first expression I got from him so I smiled again like a fool. "Do you know how old I'm?" why he only asking me questions but it's ok he spoke to me right!... "I don't know..." I pout and asked him again "Tell me how old are you?" "You are a kid and I'm just 14 not even I'm major" I didn't let him finish "So...?" I asked like questioning way He let out heavy breath then half sit infront of me to match my height "When you grow up then come and ask me, I will answer" I silent for a minute the asked him "How can I know I'm grown up" again he let out huge breath "When you become 18 you are grown up" So, I took my fingers to calculate now I'm 10 and he is 14 so when I'm 18 he will be ... Hmm...Hmmm... "When I'm 18 you are 22, right?" I asked him excitedly and he nodded then he went to his normal position. "Then you promise me you will meet me every year this day here" I asked.

1. Do you Marry Me?

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Waiting f...
by KrishMew