I hate you.
By firfirrrr_
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The story of two mafia's. they used to be bestfriends but one incident change their bond. that incident is when first and khaotung's parents is on a mission. and khaotung's mom accidentally killed first's dad. first's mom is so angry that she wants to get her revenge. but her revenge failed because khaotung's dad saw first mom trying to kill khaotung's mom. he killed first mom because he had no choice. when first discover about khao's parents killing his parents. he hated khaotung. and he ignored khaotung. while khaotung discover about what his parents did to first's parents. he was sad. but he can't do anything. he tried explaining to first but first don't want to listen at khaotung's explanation. first thought that khao's parents killed his parents on purpose. he didn't want to listen at khaotung or khaotung's parents. so he still didn't know the truth. khao and first met again after 10 years. will first able to forgive khaotung or not? stay tuned.

Characters Introduction

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I hate yo...
by firfirrrr_