Camhanaich // A &qu...
By LunaJordan26
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Become enamored with the compelling, enthralling, lustful tale between a bored, hyper adolescent female human and a brooding, glimmering vampire with the parody that doesn't know what to do with itself (like its author). Iris Carson's relocation to Spoonz, Warlington could've gone so much better. Her world takes an exciting, petrifying whirl the moment she locks eyes with peculiar, enticing, attitude changing Maverick Soren. Maverick, despite how obvious he and his adoptive family make their uniqueness, has kept his supernatural status undisclosed for years, but the arrival of his soulmate, the woman of the dreams he can't even have, has endangered everyone (except not really; not for a while, anyway). The soulmates will be caught between lust and peril (but mainly lust). Completely toxic and not at all suspenseful or romantic, Camhanaich (early morning twilight / the half-light of dawn or dusk) catches the tussle between resisting one's compulsions and appeasing one's hunger. This is a parody with relentless sass. You've been warned. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It's finally arrived! Wannabe, sort of but not really newfound, author L. J. has returned from the dead, after publishing a short stories collection, to bring you a Twilight Saga parody series! We can only pray that she actually finishes this fucking series, as she's been restarting it, over and over, and over, again on multiple fan-fiction sites before giving up and bringing it here, for the millionth time, where she'll probably be motivated to actually finish it, finally, on her newest account here, after deleting the previous ones many times! "This parody series is amazing!" said nobody. "Fuck this shit; I'm out!" said everyone. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Book 1 of the Half-Light Chronicles


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by LunaJordan26