Ethereal & Damn...
By burninqdesires
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Vampires live many lives throughout their eternity. A husband or a housewife. A cop. A criminal. A farmer or a model. A president or an activist. A dream or a nightmare. They wear the best of masks and experience life in a way a human cannot. With the world in their hands and life being endless, loneliness can be a common thing with these ethereal beings. Some welcome the sharp pain of loneliness. Others are eaten inside out by the pain. They are the ones who stalk the night, consumed by the lives of humans. They want to love them. They want to be them. They want to eat them. Esmeralda De Leon is the one that will take in a companion no matter the risk. Esmeralda is a temptress. Someone that one can easily trust. She is beautiful, charming, with a laugh of an angel. Who will dare say that she is the one who is terrorizing and manipulating their men and women in their community? Esmeralda shares her life through her journals, logging every event she experiences. The most important experience being the one when she met Constance Marie Beaumont, a woman that changed her entire life. For the good? For the bad? This is still unknown. Constance is a young woman, best known as Madame Blanc due to her father's status in the military. Sweet, innocent, and young are three of the words that are most commonly used when speaking of the woman. Esmeralda is enthralled instantly. A lovely impressionable dove resting in the palms of the black cat, licking her lips. The two women have the kind of whirlwind romance that inspired Shakespeare's poetry. They will go through life with ups and downs. Hate. Love. Dislike. Like. Distance. Close. Vile. Beautiful. Obsession. Careless. Passionate. 162 years told in great detail in the diary of Esmeralda De Leon. Cover designed by @IvvyKy


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by burninqdesires