Whispering Desire
By silver_wings07
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When Advika, a 23-year old beautiful young woman caught the eye of the Royal family of Mundota, her life flipped upside down. The Shekhawats knew she would make the perfect bride. Vedant, a 30-year old infamous playboy and an apparent heir to his father's empire, knew love wasn't for him yet he couldn't deny the marriage for reasons only known to the Shekhawat family. In the depths of an unconventional marriage, Advika and Vedant succumb to a fiery and forbidden love that defies their own rules and boundaries. ______ They were total misfits in each other's lives. But one namesake bond was enough to ignite a scorching passion that tested their loyalty and resolve. She was his medicine while he was her pain. He knew if he gave in, his heart would go astray, and he would alter the course of her path for the worse. She knew if she didn't resist, he'll consume her, and she'd let him without questioning his intentions. In this book, they embark on a thrilling journey of hidden desires, risking everything for a love that blurs the line between right and wrong. In a world where rules are shattered, their romance challenged them to confront their deepest fears and choose between the safety of their obligations and the intoxication of an irresistible connection. Will this love ruin both their lives and cause a havoc in the lives of those around them or will this love succeed and prove us wrong?

Whispers of Desire

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by silver_wings07