That one villain! (...
By Chimera_Regarion
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What would you say if I told you there was a villain who just simply decided to text a hero for help? Not the brightest idea, right but this villain was not dumb at all! He was one of the brightest one there was. Deku is one of the most feared villains but there is a catch! He get easily bored and what does a villain do best? Of course annoy a hero!!! It may have all started with one wrong number but don't forget that a villain is a villain and he will use each and every situation to his adavantage!!! A/N: This is a mha fanstory hope you enjoy! Please also feel free to correct my bad writing. Just a quick story for inbetween.... Rights on the pictures go to the artist. I do not own mha, rights to the owner.

Wrong number!

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That one...
by Chimera_Regarion