The One to Whom I O...
By BornFromAshes
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"I'll fix this Percy," Annabeth promises, staring at the crack lines of his hands. Maybe it was determination, or maybe she just inherited a whole lot of stupid, but when the next words came out of her mouth she didn't regret them, "I promise on the River Styx, I WILL fix this," Thunder boomed despite the lack of clouds outside, and vaguely she wondered if anyone who happened to be paying attention could hear it, or if it was just for the ears of the oath-maker. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A very ancient, very old curse is cast. One meant only for children of the sea god, Poseidon, and his Roman counterpart, Neptune. Percy finds himself struggling for survival, as Annabeth embarks on a quest to find a cure to this curse before Percy is gone...this time, for good. But time is running out. The countdown for survival is coming to an end. **Hiatus** [Ranked #2 in Sickness]


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The One t...
by BornFromAshes