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***** (EDITING IN PROGRESS)******* Highest Ratings: #1 in Fantasy #2 in Adventure Short Overview: Yan Mei Ling, the impulsive daughter of the highest ranked military official of Imperial Chixian Shenzhou, longs for a life beyond the noble trappings of her home. To experience it, she joins the annual Imperial tournament as a foreign ninja to maintain anonymity although two people know her secret: her maidservant and the Emperor's daughter, her bestfriend, Princess Li Lei Shuang. When the news spreads that the warlord Hsien Mao Dong threatens to attack the Empire if the Emperor will not give his daughter in marriage to him, Yan Mei Ling decides to do everything to protect Li Lei Shuang. Even if it means sacrificing her very own life. She strips of herself of her mask and joins the Imperial army as Tang Lao Fang, an orphaned boy. Life begins to unfold for Yan Mei Ling as perils, betrayals and surprises lead her to the realization of the most important things in life. ------------------------------------------- WARNING: You need to be open-minded before reading this story. If you can take lurid violence, gore and other gruesome deaths, then by all means, read. This is a Historical fiction, fantasy-action, adventure story and Shoujo Ai (anime and manga lovers know what this is). Note: Please respect my work by not copying it or proclaim it that you own my story or ideas. If you do, I will find you and, know this that there will be terrible consequences awaiting you. If you want to copy a few lines, please ask for my permission on Wattpad e.g. wall post, comment or message and please acknowledge me. Copy Right ©. All rights reserved EXCEPT for the pictures and other images used in this story Addendum: This story is undergoing a major name/chapter revision. You may notice some names are changed. Editing in progress


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