Betting on You
By Macbeth-845
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"So yeah, I crashed your 16th birthday party, and yeah, I punched Stan. He didn't deserve you. I'm not saying that I did, or do, or whatever, either, but he most definitely did not deserve you. And then after I had... pushed your head in the cake or whatever, Stan was saying that I most certainly had no chances with you and he was calling my bluff, and saying more things and I just... I did what I told him I would do. I beat the living shit out of him. I mean, I warned him and everything. But then I had left for vacation and when I came back I found out you guys broke up and that he transferred schools and then every other guy thought better of going after you because they saw that I had made an example out of Stan and-" "You... you're insane," I shook my head, shuffling a step back. "You have lost your mind." "He got inbetween me and what was mine," he shrugged his shoulders, as if that was any explanation at all. "But it's okay. Never again." ----- d i s c l a i m e r this story has been re-edited and republished. the events of this story , for those who have read it prior to august 2019 , have been slightly altered to make way for my improved and matured writing style. originally published : july 2015 newly published : august 2019 completed: january 2022 01st in #secretrelationship : April 2022

Betting On You

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Betting o...
by Macbeth-845