Forced To Marry The...
By 1999beauty
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At sixteen, Lovely Thunderstorm is told of the promise her father made ten years ago to Alpha Victor of Black Diamonds Pack to marry his son who is rather the younger version of him. Lovely feels hatred the moment her eyes landed on him. But that isn't the only thing she feels for him. Alpha Victor Jr is stubborn, serious and cold hearted. He has dreaded this arrangement since he was ever told of it. His wolf yearns for his mate, yet he refuses to be weak in admitting he loves her. But how long can he hold out when he is married to her? Excerpt: "Love me and I am in your heart, but hate me and I am in your mind." I spoke, unconsciously turning all Shakespeare on him. "So let me get this straight," he gazed down at me, making me feel short. These goddamn tall people around here. "You want to be in my mind." I smack myself in my forehead before looking at his confused handsome face. Well... I was just going to ignore the fact I called him handsome. "I never knew Shakespeare was this crazy." He stated thoughtfully. I could only glare. I really did hate him. Copyright©1999beauty.


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Forced To...
by 1999beauty