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Evelyn Meyers, a shy and unassuming woman of 25, just found out that she's going to have a baby. She'd always dreamed of being a mother, playing pretend with her dolls all through her childhood, but the timing and circumstances couldn't be worse. Less than an hour later she realizes just how dire her situation is when the world around her erupts into sudden violence. People begin attacking and killing each other due to the emergence of a mysterious virus that somehow wipes out a large percentage of the population's minds of all but the most basic human instinct; kill or be killed. Now instead of worrying about picking out baby names or decorating a nursery for her soon-to-come bundle of joy, Evelyn is driven to fight for her and her child's life along with a diverse group of other immune survivors. Unfortunately they soon learn that the infected aren't the only ones to be feared. *** ✨ Featured on Wattpad @fright profile 🏆Won 1st place in Horror🏆 ~The Midnight Awards {August 2019} ~Writer's Choice Awards {August 2019} ~The Ocean Blue Awards {August 2019} ~The Eye Catching Awards {September 2019} ~The Creativity Awards {October 2019} ~The Majestic Awards {November 2019} ~The Acheron Awards {November 2019} *also won "Judge's Favorite" ~The Sinne Awards {November 2019} *all genres 🥈Won 2nd place in Horror🥈 ~The Sunflower Awards {November 2019} ~The Talent Awards {December 2019} ~The Purple Ice Awards {December 2019} *** ☠️READER DISCRETION IS ADVISED☠️ This story contains graphic content such as language, heavy violence/gore, sexual violence, drug use and adult situations. *On hiatus as of 10/10/19.

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