With All My Heart |...
By 20aimeel15
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Destiny...Fate...Call it what you will, has everyone set on a certain path. Merlin's destiny is to protect Prince Arthur, to see him become King and unite the lands of Albion. Gwaine's destiny is to protect Lady Mira, a childhood friend, the sister he never had and the only family he has left. On being introduced after an adventure gone awry Arthur can't seem to remove Mira from his thoughts, so when Sir Gwaine asks to make Lady Mira his ward and bring her to Camelot to keep her safe, Arthur is delighted. Mira & Arthur are destined to fall in love. But is love enough when there are dark forces at work trying to tear them apart and see to it that Mira never becomes the once and future Queen. Perhaps they'll need a little magic...thankfully they've got Merlin. Based on BBC's Merlin Arthur Pendragon x OC


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With All...
by 20aimeel15