A Helping Hand (Hir...
By -fromthehallows
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Who would have known that at the age of 14, you would have been facing great tragedies? With your father dead and your mom left severely depressed and weak, you had made an early resolution to take care of yourself. So you decided to take up part-time work at the Lucky Cat Cafe. There, you meet Hiro, a boy of your age with a mind of a robotics expert who goes to the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology. You were safe in knowing that he would be able to help you, as well as a friend you made the very next day at San Fransokyo High, but things soon took a turn when your mother passed away shortly after, a mysterious guardian arrived, and a shocking discovery about your family's past launched you into the middle of a dangerous situation. Can you, Hiro, and your new friends be able to crack the case? Or would it be goodbye to the world that your parents left before you? **Don't like, don't read. Please don't comment hate, I will delete those comments. :)** **I DO NOT OWN BIG HERO 6. All rights go to Disney.**

Chapter 1--Meeting the Hamadas

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A Helping...
by -fromthehallows