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Arcadian (adj.) idyllically innocent; simple and untroubled by fear or worry. Harper Flores is the human embodiment of a ray of sunshine. She's kind, understanding and always willing to put other's needs in front of her own. To the outside world Harper is seen as naive and innocent, without a care in the world but she's hiding a secret. The girl that loves everyone unconditionally hates herself. Her mother, not wanting to deal with Harper's declining mental health ships her across the country to a secluded boarding school in the small village of Cartmel, England. Due to her late arrival half way through the school year, Harper is forced to stay in the boy's dorm and share a room with six roommates. Keeping a low profile is almost impossible, especially when she catches the eye of all six boys. Lucian Cruz, an arrogant, rude fuckboy who feels no remorse for the girls he's used and ignored. After being sent to Willow Hall Academy with his twin brother Emilio two years ago by his parents who were trying to protect them from the dangerous realities of being involved in the mafia, Lucian's behaviour takes a rapid downfall. Ignoring school work to party and smoke, Lucian really has no care in the world. That is until a bubbly ball of sunshine moves into his room, disrupting his peace.

Characters and setting <3

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by Elijahtheshagger