The Capitol Games
By amzzz18
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~ a Hunger Games fanfiction ~ In Mockingjay, the victors decided to hold one last Hunger Games using only Capitol children. When President Coin was murdered, the Games were announced as cancelled. But what if they weren't? Bryony Price is one of the twenty-four unlucky children chosen to fight to the death. Just as things couldn't get any worse, her best friend, the President's granddaughter herself, is also chosen. Inside the arena that will push their friendship to the limits, who will become the victor of the Capitol Games? ~~~~ I do not own Katniss, President Paylor, Celestia Snow or any of the other characters I've used from the original Hunger Games books or movies. They belong to Suzanne Collins, as are the Capitol and the arena. Bryony, Joe and everyone else are entirely mine. ~~~~ Thankyou to the amazing @redblacklady for the fab cover! ~~~~ Finished writing: 18/11/2015 Finished editing: 16/10/2016

Chapter One

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The Capit...
by amzzz18