Camera Flashes (1)...
By happyathello13
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"You talk like you ate a thesaurus for breakfast. You should try a normal person word instead of lineage, like family." "Would that not involve being remotely fond of them?" Being famous is like someone slowly suffocating you. Even if you chose it, you don't realize until it's already too late and the air is gone. Some people make it out, some crave the attention, while others merely let it suffocate them past the point of no return. Grace didn't choose to be famous, but Taylor did. The camera flashes are bright, they are blinding, and life is a total nightmare. It's about to get a whole lot worse. - An alternate universe to my story 'Stay' and the subsequent one shots, same characters, completely different life. As with all my stories, this book contains mature themes and sensitive subject matter and is intended for a mature audience. Reader discretion is advised. - This is a work of fiction and I only own original characters and not Taylor Swift, her works or any other living and mentioned people. Persons and or opinions are fictional and not meant to cause harm to anyone living or dead. Do not reproduce or adapt.

Prologue + Introduction

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Camera Fl...
by happyathello13