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' hey?? ' I said frustrated that I got interrupted during my shoot as I answered the phone. ' hey baby ' I heard my fathers voice say gently. ' oh hey father I didn't know it was you who was calling ' I said more calmly this time, ' it's fine my love, what are you doing? ' he asked me sounding excited which wasn't like him at all usually. ' well I'm in the middle of a shoot for vogue, so if you don't mind can I call you back soon father? ' I said a little stressed as I was walking back and fourth ' yeah of course call me when your done!, good luck love ' my father said calmly which was again not like him at all. I didn't think much of it and I hung up, went back to continue with the shoot to get it done with. After a few hours had gone by I was done with the shoot so I packed my things, said good bye to the photographer and called my father while I was on my way out of there. After calling him I hung up feeling weird. He wanted me to come back to Monaco for their ' wedding anniversary ' that was definitely something that he'd made up to get me there. Under all those years I lived there they never celebrated their wedding anniversary one single time. But it wasn't like I had any choice he'd already sent the plane to pick me up so it was just to live with it and see what they wanted. But little did I know going back there was one of the worst things that would ever happen to me.

Chapter one

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The arran...
by f1eclipzee