The Stepmother, her...
By dollcve
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✦ πŒπ€π‚π‡πˆππ„ 𝐓𝐑𝐀𝐍𝐒𝐋𝐀𝐓𝐄𝐃 ππŽπ•π„π‹ Recently, there has been a gossip in the investment circle. The famous industry boss Jiang Yan is married! Everyone stretched out their ears, kowtowed melon seeds and waited to read the gossip. Without him, because Mr. Jiang has a seventeen-year-old son. PS Mr. Jiang is thirty-six years old. PS the son is an illegitimate child whose mother is unknown. I heard that the target is still a little-known ordinary employee? Hiss, the people who eat melons are even more excited, waiting to see this big show from a wealthy family. Just the battle for power and wealth between the stepmother and the eldest son, you can make up 80 episodes in minutes, okay? As a result, summer passed and so did winter. The people who eat melons only saw Mr. Jiang dancing with his little wife in his arms at the reception, and he kept his beloved wife in three sentences. Turning around, he saw Jiang Mingdu, the rumored rebellious young master, following behind the eight-year-old stepmother obediently, holding her too long skirt in his hand. The people who eat melons throw melons angrily, what's the matter? They've been looking forward to it for so long, what's the matter with you creating such a happy family scene? Wen Yao who heard the gossip: Happy family? hehe. that night. The mature man on the right lowered his voice and opened his arms, deliberately seductive. "Hey, Yaoyao, come, hold me tight." The rebellious boy on the left licked the back of her neck, ready to move. "Dear little stepmother, didn't you say last night that it's better to be with me?" Wen Yao: (╯‡ β€²)╯︡┻━┻ This damn stepmother can do whoever she likes! Greedy love money and freedom Cheerful heroine (25) Γ— calm and self-sufficient boss (36) & crazy and wild son (17) Alternative Title: 后妈ε₯Ήε·¦ε³δΈΊοΌˆ1V2οΌ‰ Author: ζͺ€δΈœζ„


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The Stepm...
by dollcve