His Heart's Love (B...
By AmateurRomanceWriter
  • Romance
  • betrayal
  • billionaire
  • chances
  • drama
  • faith
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  • lies
  • loss
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Ethan met the love of his life at 20, but a stupid mistake cost him to lose her. Now five years later he has a chance at winning her back. To the world, he's known as the Billionaire Playboy, with women left and right, but behind closed doors, he's really a man who longs for the love he lost five years ago. He's not the ladies man or manwhore they thought him to be. Truth is, he hasn't been with anyone since Andi. No matter how hard he tried he can't seem to forget about her. Now she's back, but she doesn't trust him... And she has a secret... Andi Francis was left heartbroken, when the man she loved betrayed her. Now he's back and he wants her back too. But Ethan's betrayal cut her deep, and the secret she kept for years is going to be hard to explain. Will her secret bring them closer together? Or will it drive them further apart. Will Ethan be able to erase the pain and mistakes of the past? Will he win his heart's love? Or is too late to hope for a second chance? Find out in His Heart's Love, Book 3 in His Heart's Series.


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His Heart...
by AmateurRomanceWriter