The Wolfe Affair [*...
By MissGandyObssesions
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††The Title of the following story has been changed from "I'm Exposed" to 'The Wolfe Affair' due to editing choices†† Merina Nixeria Gavaletti was a sickly child in her early stages of life. She was the black sheep in the eyes of her mother and sister, and probably her father, because he never lifted a finger in her defense. She lived with her Grandparents and her older brother, but Merina never spent time with anybody except her family this made her shy; a wallflower. Once, she lived with her brother Carlo, Merina met her best friend Daniel when her health had declined. He helped her reinvent herself, create someone new. When she returned to London, Merina made a new life for herself, then she realized that Nikolai Wolfe watched all her actions. Fixated on her very existence. Will she surrender to his embrace?, or Will she ignore his pleas of passion? Cast Charlotte Pallister as Merina Nixeria Gavaletti (Ruslivan) David Gandy as Nikolai Wolfe


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The Wolfe...
by MissGandyObssesions