The Adventures of a...
By maknae-style
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Rose Walker, the average 19 year old, has just spent the last four years studying. Now that it's over she's looking for a way to escape before returning to England for university. However, she misses her flight to New York and gets transferred to another. But there's a catch; the destination's different. And so, Rose arrives in a country she hardly knows anything about: South Korea. This new world offers coffee, laughter, friendship, and 12 handsome men that go by the name of EXO. However, as Rose begins to fall in love with the country, everything she knows is stripped away and torn apart, leaving her to face the challenges of Korea's night life, separation, and lastly, love. These are the adventures of an English tourist. {Credits to Averychan for the beautiful cover}

The Adventures of an English Tourist

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The Adven...
by maknae-style