Welcome home zodiac...
By alyssacbatt
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Since nobody did a welcome home, zodiac sigh, book thing... I will be the one that's doing it. [But real talk... leave "Clownillustration" The creator, of welcome home alone.. I am sick and tired of people who disrespect their personal life and their arts, have no respect on clown, and to make matters worse, I don't think clown will continue their project of welcome home... So if you please donate some money for clown so they can move into a new home and feel safe and maybe they will continue the project.] None of these characters are mine.. they are belong to Clownillustration: The creator of welcome home. {Update: OK, so new things that just happened in the welcome Home website and the drama of this I think is drop down a little bit.}

 zodiac signs and the characters

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Welcome h...
by alyssacbatt