More Than Friends...
By allytheo_
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Charlotte is like any normal teenager except she is the daughter of the famous Luke Hemmings, and her mother is none other than Tessa. We've all heard about her parent's love story but what happens when its Charlotte's turn? Tate is also an ordinary teenager but he also the son of a 5sos band member as well. Calum Hood. We all know that Calum had a heartbreak with Tessa's sister but he finds love again and has Tate. Charlotte and Tate have known each other for as long as they can remember. But what happens when Tate soon has feelings for Charlotte , but the worse part is that he's already in a relationship with someone else. Will Tate ever reveal his feelings to Charlotte or will he have to forget about them. Will Charlotte even develop feelings of her own? Will they ever be more than friends? *** Read Friends with Benefits before this***

Chapter One: Grab my hand you Idiot... Love you.

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More Than...
by allytheo_