Outcasts Fall
By Vulturestar
  • General Fiction
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  • fracture
  • grimm
  • kluckz
  • leprax
  • outcast
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Fracture knew that he wasn't an Earth creature, even before be heard the tales his owner told him about the Kluckz, a race far away, that wore the skull of their greatest enemies and were the greatest warriors of any beast. And somehow, young Fracture had ended up here, a slave to a reptilian master from the race Aapedex, before he had opened his eyes or twitched his tail. Now, 38 years later, Fracture having escaped his master and a wielder of a dragon bone sword, has gathered the Kluckz trapped on Earth in a rebel force against the impending forces of Leprax, his home planet. Grimm's white fur had always made him open to thought that he was never as good as the other young Kluckz as he grew up on Leprax. His normal brother who had died after birth would have been an ideal pup over the scythe handling Grimm. He had to train twice as hard to prove he was as good as anyone else. So when he was asked to carry out a an important rescue mission on the planet Earth, well who could refuse?

Prologue: Earth Bound

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by Vulturestar