The Golden One
By youngfry_oftreachery
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"The moon stared back at her, pearly white in its fullness. She felt a change coming over her. She was growing...and something new was happening. Gold. Purple. Scarlet. Her room was a sea of colours. The moon looked bigger, brighter and gold. Gold as the colour of the sun. Almost as golden as the colour of her blood." __________________________________ Cursed by Death at birth, Cassandra is reborn in the mortal world with her memory erased. Oblivious to her true form, she must join in the battle of the wizard world too, with Lord Voldemort raging over the Chosen One and Death over her. Cassy and the Golden Trio must brace themselves with their friends, the wizard world and the rest of the Muggles for the Dark War that started only because of her. Cassandra Varens. The Golden One.

Moon Walker - Prologue

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The Golde...
by youngfry_oftreachery