Assassin || Dream x...
By __oriana_x
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The Mask, known only by his friends as Dream is a deadly assassin who has managed to hide as a peasant in a kingdom for years. Any spotting of the Mask is immediately reported to the King who sends out a search party to eliminate the criminal. However the hunt usually ends in a dead end as little is knowing about the Mask except that his targets usually are found dead without a trace of evidence to be found. No one knows what the Mask's face looks like or even what he sounds like. Little do they know, the killer is living under their noses the whole time as a humble farmer with his friends. Y/N is the Princess, the daughter of the King who swears to kill the Mask. Unlike Dream, she's almost never been outside and is bound by the wishes of her father. Somehow, Y/N a finds herself in her bedroom, standing in front of the notorious Mask with a knife pointing at her. Will Dream end up with royal blood on his hands? Or will an unlikely friendship form? ⚠️WARNINGS⚠️ Contains: Violence Detailed Gore Blood Death Swearing Cover Art by @That1artistleo on Twitter

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by __oriana_x