Heath (discontinued)
By aphoros
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Highest Ranking: #4 My eyes were wide as I slowly got to my feet, turning to yank the dagger that was embedded down to the hilt in the wall, where my head was moments ago. "What the fuck was that for?" I said in shock, completely flabbergasted as I stared at him with a bewildered look on my face. Judging by the shocked expressions on Elliot and Dylan's faces, it looked like they hadn't expected their Alpha to throw a fucking dagger at my head either. Heath flashed his teeth at me in a smile that was more predatory than pleasant. "Just making sure your arm isn't going to be a hindrance to our rescue mission." My jaw dropped. By throwing a fucking dagger at my head? Enraged, I let the burst of anger spur my next actions, and before anyone could so much as twitch, I was across the room, toe-to-toe with Heath, one hand fisting his shirt and pressing him against the edge of the desk and the other holding the blade of the dagger at his neck. I applied the slightest pressure on the blade, shallow enough it wasn't lethal, at least not for a werewolf, and deep enough so blood welled up at the thin cut. "Just making sure this isn't silver," I said mockingly, and I didn't hide my smirk when the wound didn't heal over. "Oh wait," I widened my eyes, feigning shock, "this is silver." I flashed him a wicked grin, completely unrepentant, and his eyes were a thunderous black as he looked down at me. "Oops," I smirked. "My bad."

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Heath (di...
by aphoros