I Fell For You - Ne...
By scottserenity
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You wake up surrounded by objects and captivated by a metal box. Every memory, every awful and beautiful moment you cherished was ripped away. It lay beyond the unknown and being held restraint, plotting a escape plan. You, the only girl out of numerous hormonal teen males are struggling to understand. The unknown is what could get you killed, but if you wait anymore you will find yourself drifting farther away from freedom. Compilations arise along with questions, love is found and even perhaps lost. Every step that is taken is driving you to insanity until one particular male seems to make you forget about the horrid situation you all are in. Secrets reveal throughout the lovely, yet, terrible experience in the Glade. Every move could get you killed or your new family, if you make one wrong move you, along with everyone else, with suffer the consequences. Warning: this book was my very first book I made and that was awhile ago so it might not be good and there are A LOT of errors. This story is unedited and completed. And I will be deleting any comments that slightly irritate me because of the editing thing (Ik it was a mistake, it was from a long time ago. Please contain yourself from correcting me) Sequel is published, title: "Arms Of Death."

Part 1 - Imagine Newt

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I Fell Fo...
by scottserenity