Raise By A Dragon...
By Andrews_Grapes
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Themes Jour runs as fast as she can, she doesn't care which direction she goes.. She just run towards any direction, as long as it has a open path! Jour is carrying a child in her hands, a new born to be exact. Jour run in fear, fear that her child would not survive! She want this child to live the best life but she has no choice but to runs away. Jour's tears fall along with her sweat.. Her clothes were thorn apart. Scratches all over her body, yet she continues to run as fast and as far as she could! Just to put her newly born child into safety..! Wondering why Jour is running? When she visits her parent's grave, she along with her child and the servants with her were attacked by bandits. While the composition is happening she had a chance to run away with her child! Jour stop.. Her eyes widen in horror, It's a dead end.. Her tears fall as of it has no limits and she hug her child tightly "There is no where to run now!" One it the bandits said Jour turn her back at them and look down.. The hill is too deep. She would die if she jumps, she looks back at the bandits "Cale.. my child, please stay strong.. Your mother might not make it." She whispers to the child's ear The child starts to sob, Jour smiled at her child and hug the child as if it would be the last time she could ever feel the warmth of this child. Gasp!!

A Child || Ch.1

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Raise By...
by Andrews_Grapes