Great Pretender// K...
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When Wymack goes to recruit Neil, instead of gratitude for showing interest in a kid that the rest of the world had written off as a lost cause, he gets hit with an ultimatum: "You have to take him too," He'd said "It's a two-for-one deal. He won't even argue, I promise." Judging by Coach Hernandez's shocked and mildly pissed-off look, he hadn't been expecting it either. Wymack wasn't a man who liked to be deceived. He'd just spent the last twenty minutes trying to convince a kid to join his team, and before he'd even signed the papers he was trying to cut a deal with him. Well, one thing was for sure, the kid had balls. Major balls. Wymack threw a quick glance over to Neil's soon-to-be former coach, all he got in response though, was a light shrug as his brain struggled to catch up to what was happening. "Well..." Kevin wouldn't like this, and Andrew would probably hate it even more, but the two had also said they needed Neil. 'No matter what'. Had been Kevin's words. What else was he supposed to do? "Is he any good?" He asked tiredly. Being met with silence was much more worrying than it should have been.


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Great Pre...
by BlendedStories