MINE || Taehyung...
By Utpla08
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"THERE IS NEVER A TIME OR PLACE FOR TRUE LOVE. IT HAPPENS ACCIDENTALLY, IN A HEARTBEAT, IN A SINGLE FLASHING, THROBBING MOMENT." The traffic light turned red, A Black BMW followed by 10 other black cars stopped. That BMW was filled with dark aura of someone sitting in there. Suddenly a girl riding a bicycle at the speed of light stopped right beside the BMW. She was busy in catching her breath that she did not even notice her surroundings that was filled with all black cars. The man sitting inside the BMW saw her through his car's window, she was wearing an oversized maroon red hoodie (just like red riding hood) that was covering her face except her cherry red lips. He felt a different atraction towards her like he knew her from past millions of years, she was alluring his soul. He felt like something was pulling his soul towards her like a magnet does. ~HE WAS INTRIGUED BY HER~

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MINE ||...
by Utpla08