The Librarian Has A...
By dollofcourage
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"What do you want from me Julian? I am not beautiful like most woman I am a plus sized woman that has a boring life the only excitement that I get is reading a romantic books on wattpad for my entrainment. Why are you following me around like a love sick puppy! I will not be used so go on your merry way!" Julian grab Desiree by the arms and push her against the shelves in the Library. "You listen and you listen good I will not have my mate scream at me and be disrespectful toward me so I don't care how much you argue with me you just need a real man to show you how beautiful you are and I will be that man and tonight in this Library I will show you what your curvy body was made to do my love." Julian picked her up by her ass and grind into her soft heat. Desiree was so lost to the pleasure he was putting her body through.

My Boring Life

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The Libra...
by dollofcourage