The Fates (Book II)
By _Ahna_
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The SECOND book of the award-winning series THE FATES: a saga of three mortal girls who also happen to be mythical goddesses... and the all-powerful directors of human destiny. The series alternates between their modern-day drama and their epic adventures across world history! ** SPOILERS ahead – please proceed only if you have read Book I ** Since coming down to earth, the Fates have changed. Their lives are twined with mortal threads upon the Loom. Clotho has felt love and loss; Lachesis has faced fears and found new hope; Atropos has been fighting darkness, in the world and in her soul. As primordial Chaos urges them, all three must fight on against the darkness in the heart of humankind, to strive to save their mother from impending doom. Thousands of years later, in 2015, three mortal girls are on the verge of fateful self-discovery. Cloe, Lacey, and Atria have all arrived in Greece, where they've crossed paths with one another—and with a mysterious grey-eyed woman whose presence in their lives may have awakened certain powers. Amidst heart-stopping love triangles and other twists and turns, the Fates will find that they have much to learn about their true identities, abilities, and interwoven destinies. ~~~~~~~~~~ Join the Fates and all their lovers, friends, and foes as they embark on the second installment of this star-crossed journey across space and time! Much luv as always to all my dear Fatefuls—and for any new folks out there, a warm welcome to the big, happy #Fateful family :D Note: Book I of The Fates is available at [PG-13 for adult language, non-graphic sexual content, mature themes]

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The Fates...
by _Ahna_