I was spoiled by th...
By Xiaoshuo_
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[Host, you want to be the white moonlight of the male lead, make them fall in love with you, and then abandon them severely] 1. The future CEO is still a pitiful little bully, hold his hand and give him warmth, Then tell him it's just a game for you. 2. The future monster boss was injured and changed back to his original form. He was hugged and held high, and then he was given as a gift to the school girl who had a crush on him. 3. The future hacker boss is still a poor student whose parents are seriously ill. Give him money to help his parents treat the illness, and then tell him that he is just a stand-in. ... After clearing the mission and returning to the real world, Ji Yang found that the bosses she had abandoned seemed to be one person-the president of her company. One night, the president stuck her on the sofa in the office, leaned over and circled her, his eyes were cold and fierce in her ear, and said something - Is this just a game? Don't like inhuman stuff? I'm just a stand-in? The blocked Ji Yang nestled on the sofa and shivered: You wait, I can explain! Title 我被黑化大佬宠上天/I was spoiled by the black boss Author 星辰粒粒 Not Mine Cr:Author

Chapter 1

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I was spo...
by Xiaoshuo_