Something Gained: A...
By M__Mukhopadhyay
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Silent, unforgiving and strikingly gorgeous, Rylan Parker is a cold-hearted businessman. An intimidating CEO, perfectly fitted in tailored suits and with a soft side reserved only for his little daughter. He can't afford to fall for anyone and definitely not for the blue-eyed blonde he met at the diner. But when his grandfather's will demands he gets himself a wife, a contract-marriage seems to be the only option. Living under the same roof with the woman he is undeniably attracted to can't be that hard! He just had to make sure of one thing. He does not fall for his sensitive little wife. But that was never really a choice, was it? * * * * Sweet, charming and affectionate, Elena Smith is mostly an emotional mess. Between working two jobs and worrying about her father's medical bills, she has no time for relationships. But when the hot, arrogant billionaire puts forward a proposition, she's left to make a choice, a difficult one. The fact that he is ridiculously attractive can't be a reason enough for Elena to put her signature on a marriage-contract with a complete stranger. But her father?....Perhaps. What's two years anyways? Just a little too much time to come out of this with her heart unscathed.


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by M__Mukhopadhyay