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Everyone at Ohio State University knows about Blake Andrews, the infamous all-star quarterback of the football team and rumored insomniac. Most refer to him as crude, egotistical, and cold. It isn't until he meets Elena Madison that his world is suddenly flipped upside down. She brings the dark past he has tried to keep hidden for years up to the surface, risking pulling them both under for good. Undeniable attraction radiates between the two clashing souls and he begins to wonder if she can save him from the darkness within him. He'd never met someone with such an irritating personality, her persistent desire to know more about him despite his exhausted efforts to push her away. She is about to uncover what's hidden under his rough and cold exterior, whether she's ready for it or not. After all, eyes are the window to the soul. - "Thank you," he murmurs sleepily, raising his hand to bring it to my cheek. His thumb slides against my soft skin slowly, it burns hot at his touch. "For what?" I question, my eyes feeling very swollen and heavy now. He takes a deep breath and swallows. "For being my light." - *MATURE* HIGHEST RANKINGS #1 in enemiestolovers #1 in collegeromance #1 in panicattacks #1 in badboy #1 in brooding #1 in enemiestofriends #1 in trauma #1 in grumpyxsunshine

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