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This is just giyuu hating on himself and being an oblivious person while the hashiras (- muichiro and gyomei) and some of the Uppermoons are getting kinda obsessed with him too. There are alot of fillers so if you get bored, I understand. In my au giyuu is a father figure to the kamaboko squad + muichiro, senjuro and aoi and I'm sure we can all agree with that. There will probably be some giyuu angst to maybe spice up some scene's (also probably smut but that's unsure) All of the characters (except some) belong to the rightful owner therefore Im not the owner (duh) No beta we die like my will to live First book, your mom<3 🥇In giyuu harem 25/3/2023 7th in giyuu harem 26/3/2023 4th in giyuu harem 1/4/2023 🥉In giyuu harem 2/4/2023 36th in what am I doing in my life 2/4/2023 Who the hell is watching this shit

Emo Mans Mission (GONE WRONG 😱)

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