The Bet Between The...
By lynzsims
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"Let's make a bet," I said. "What is it?" he asked. "That was very fun. And I feel like we'll do it again," I started. "We date each other and we can do it, whenever we want." "So it'll be like friends with benefits," he said. I nodded my head. "Yeah, kind of." "I bet I can make you fall in love with me," he challenged. "That's not my thing," I reconsidered. "But I'll like that to be part of the challenge." "You got it." He took his hand out. "Whoever falls in love first, loses," I stated and shook his hand. "Ms. Crawford, get ready to have the time of your life," he said. "Right back at cha, Mr. Rivers." *Meet, Janice Crawford. She is your typical, 17 year old, teenager. She's had plenty of boyfriends/exes. She can't stand just being with one! But there is something.. she's a virgin. She does plan on having sex with the boys she dated, but they're those kind of guys, the one that wants to wait. Yeah, the sweet ones. Then, there's Jace Rivers. The sexy, infamous bad boy in the school. He's 18, and already drinking, smoking, and having sex. Drugs is not a thing he does, though. Janice and Jace meets each other unexpectedly, like literal, meeting. They start off disliking each other. But then, a night at Jace's party, Janice asks for a favor. That favor is, to have sex with her. Of course, he accepted, he wouldn't give away an opportunity. What will happen? Since they love having sex with each other, they made a bet, to date each other. Whoever falls inlove first, loses. Who will fall inlove first? Will they both fall inlove first together? Read to find out!* Credits are all mines! PG-13!

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The Bet B...
by lynzsims