Mr. Roulette (COMPL...
By Dreamy627
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VANESSA- Vanessa Vargas is working 3 jobs, trying to send monthly bills to pay back a man her mother owes money to. Addicted to gambling, cocaine, and alcohol her mother was a deadbeat who lived with her boyfriend. Her mother went several months without paying, a letter was sent to Vanessa regarding her mothers stunts and if money didn't come in... well, no one know what would happen. SPADE- Spade Maverick sent letters daily, regarding money people owe to him. However no one had ever taken as much as Ms. Katelyn Vargas. He needed his money, the only way to get it was through her daughter. But her daughter began giving less and less. That would be an issue. He needed his money, the King of Vegas ran the largest casino, and the woman owed half a million dollars. He got a call pleading for patience, he responded with having her fly out to Vegas and speak to him in person. Because he'd get his money one way or another. Or... something else could suffice the cost owed.


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Mr. Roule...
by Dreamy627