Lupus Noctis // Har...
By avocadoguru
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He was staring at her in a way no one had in her entire life. She couldn't read anything in his eyes - not surprise, not fear, not malicious intent - nothing. ------------------------------------------ At Silver Wolf Preserve National Forest, hikers and day visitors are warned to stay on the marked trails. This huge oasis of natural wilderness is like a dream come true for Y/N, the newest stationed forest range officer. A trained survivalist, she can identify species of birds, reptiles, mammals, and plants from sight alone. She knows how to build a fire, climb a tree, make a shelter from only what the forest can provide, and forage for food. As much confidence as she has in herself, she knows the forest, mountains, and wildlife are due respect. That's why when she hears a cry of distress from what appears to be a stray pup, she ignores the procedure and heads out to inspect in off limits territory without wasting valuable time to call in reinforcement, suspecting poachers. What she stumbles upon instead unveils an unexplored depth of the forest under the full moon, one she never would've imagined. ------------------------ co-written by @fkinavocado and @gurugirlwrites


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Lupus Noc...
by avocadoguru