Darker Blood
By ImogenScott5
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Highest rating (06/01/2016) - #920 in FanFiction Massive thankyou to Radiant3 for this cover, I could never hope to achieve this level of editing! He held my face gently, wiping just under my eyes where tears are sure to fall. He looked deep into my eyes. As soon as I saw the bright green in his eyes mingling with a red tint towards the center, my breath hitched in my throat. He froze for a second, his gaze moving from my eyes down to my lips, finally resting on my neck. I stayed completely still, feeling his breath speed slightly. He moved closer to my neck, licking it softly. I squeezed my eyes shut, gripping onto his shirt. He licked me more, moaning against my neck, dragging his tongue along slower. After a long time, he slowly pulled back and looked deep into my eyes again. I looked at him, fear evident on my face. There was no more of that bright green in his eyes, in those eyes that first captured me. He cupped my face gently, and I winced although I was not feeling pain. He breathed onto my lips. "Your skin teases me more than you can imagine.. I'm just one thin layer away from ecstasy.." I shuddered. He climbed on top of me more, licking his lips hungrily. "Please.. let me.." I stayed completely still, frozen by fear. I did not want to be bitten. But it's Jungkook.. I love this person, I trust him. Gaining up the courage, I nodded slightly, not removing my gaze from his eyes. He breathed out heavily, and kissed me quickly. His hands found mine and raised them above my head, pinning them to the bed. I looked down, staring at how his legs were parted over my waist. I then realized I was trembling intensely. His cold lips touched my neck gently. I shut my eyes, unable to keep my breathing regular. I wish he'd just hurry up and do it.. Before I could even think about the pain I'd soon feel, his long fangs sank into my skin, slowly at first. He moaned and deepened the bite, pushing further into my neck harshly.

Chapter one

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Darker Bl...
by ImogenScott5