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DISCLAIMER! I DO NOT OWN ALICE IN WONDERLAND, THE MOVIE OR THE BOOK, NOR DO I OWN TWISTED WONDERLAND! THEY BELONG TO THEIR RESPECTIVE WRITERS AND MAKERS, AND ARE AMAZING! I recommend that if you don't know Twisted Wonderland, then you go check it out before reading this, since you will be getting massive spoilers, and will also be confused about certain things. I will try my best to write it out in a way people who don't know it can understand though! The others won't matter as much if you don't know them, but yeah. See if you can guess who Aevi is Twisted from! Also, please don't repost the cover in any way without my permission. I spent three hours drawing that thing and am very happy with it. I do not like plagiarism. This has also been inspired by several things! Switchblade, by Cacid, on Ao3 (highly recommend if you like spies and Bnha) "Smile Now Dear. It's Sunrise,", Ao3, by HummingSparrow (twst fic where the great seven are in the mc's head) Some art from an artist named Yao Yao, go check them out because the art they do is a m a z i n g! Specifically the ones with Lilia and Arian (an oc). I cried when looking at some of them. The rendering is also really good! Like ahhhhhhh- Anyways, onto the description! "Ah, timedammit." In which a time traveller gets unceremoniously flung into the future, where she learns that her disappearance from the past has caused a large butterfly affect, vastly changing the timeline from what she knew it to be. Or alternatively: The author got bored, there aren't enough Twisted Wonderland fics in her esteemed opinion, so she created this disaster. What could go wrong? Note: This is actually part 4 of series, but can definitely be read as a standalone as I intend it to be a sort of bonus thing, to explain a bit more about an OC who will be mentioned in the other three. It's set in a separate universe, where instead of Yuu landing in Twisted Wonderland, Aevi is in Yuu's place as a Time Traveler.

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