Red Strings of Conn...
By jn3883
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MDZS Fanfic Wei Ying was left behind unintentionally by his parents, he been long living in the street of Yilling that he no longer sees himself capable of having a good shelter nor even good food. Not until he accidentally bump to a Sect Leader, who were astonished on how much resemblance he is to a great friend. Upon questioning Wei Ying, the Sect Leader found out that he is actually that friend's only son. Learning of what happen into his dear friend the Sect Leader bring him back to his Sect's place. From there various connections has been made, various people has been met and various fate has been changed, and it all starts with one person's change in fate. ~~~***~~~ Published:: EVERY FRIDAY Prologue:: March 09 2023

Prologue: The End

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Red Strin...
by jn3883