A Second Opinion
By AuthorSophia
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What girl doesn’t obsess about her weight? Even sexy weight management guru Kate Hurley still thinks of herself as a former fat girl who never deserved the love of her college best friend, Nick Clements. When Kate finds out Nick is doing bariatric surgery (aka stapling the stomach) of her favorite patient, she storms to the OR to confront him. Except one look at him leaves her wanting a cold shower. How can he be even hotter than her fantasies? Before she knows it, her steely composure has crumbled. Nick Clements can’t believe that Kate walked back into his life. He’s never stopped thinking about her. Still recovering from a career blow because his former girlfriend and coworker betrayed him, he’s warned to stay away from trouble maker Kate. But how can he resist the red hot woman she’s become? I am new to wattpad so if you like the story, please follow me, vote for it, and leave me comments--I love critiques. I'll post more of my stuff. Thank you! Sophia Sasson


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A Second...
by AuthorSophia