Rena: Code 143
By Jaylah-Williams
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In "Rena: Code 143," Rena's life seems to revolve around maintaining her husband's happiness, yet she finds herself trapped in a marriage that leaves her unfulfilled and discontented. However, when she encounters two intriguing men who challenge her perceptions and awaken long-suppressed desires, Rena's world is turned upside down. As she navigates this unfamiliar territory, she delves into her own passions and embarks on a journey of self-discovery, uncovering a side of herself she never knew existed. As the story unfolds, Rena's marriage reveals hidden layers of trauma, gradually coming to light as she becomes entangled in a complex web of love and desire. Readers are drawn into the intricate puzzle of Rena's life, piecing together the depths of her marriage as she navigates the tumultuous waters of forbidden love. "Rena: Code 143" is a compelling exploration of longing, passion, and the pursuit of happiness in the face of societal expectations and personal fulfillment. Polyamory Erotic Romance=MxFxM Book 1 of the 'Pager' Series


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Rena: Cod...
by Jaylah-Williams