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Dean Winchester and Castiel Novak have been the best of friends since their kindergarten days. In middle school, Cas develops some "feelings" for Dean. When Cas finally works up the courage to tell Dean about his homosexuality, Castiel's family tells Cas he is moving... To the UK. Things are also hard for their younger brothers, Sam Winchester and Gabriel Novak, who also used to be best friends. Sam realizes that he likes Gabe, but then Gabe tells him they are going away. When the Novak family moves, things happen. They all make new friends. Cas is in all honors classes and becomes kind of a geek, and Dean hangs with the popular crowd. Sam becomes an honor roll nerd and Gabe turns into a punk loner whose only friend is Balthazar St. Germain. It is announced that Sam and Dean's school is taking a trip to the UK, and guess which family Sam and Dean get placed in?

Prologue: Bee

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