Paranoid Girlfriend...
By An-errr
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Dai Shiyuan has a girlfriend who is very beautiful, with gentle eyebrows and eyes. Every time she calls her "Xiaoyuan," she can't help blushing and feeling her heart beat faster. Her girlfriend's identity is not simple. She is the female lead in a book, and she came from a time-travel. She worries every day about how to tell her girlfriend that she is a time-traveler. "Xiaoyuan, what are you daydreaming about again? Do you regret being with me?" A beautiful woman hugged Dai Shiyuan's waist, with a crazy look in her eyes. Dai Shiyuan blushed and shook her head, turning around to hug the woman behind her tightly. Her girlfriend's jealousy was too strong, and she always suspected that she would run away. This made her both anxious and sweet. Shan Yaxin discovered that her baby always wanted to escape from her, just like they did at the beginning. Although they had a sister-in-law relationship at first, she hated this younger sister-in-law a bit. But as they got along, she found her baby more and more lovely, and she couldn't help but fall in love. She used some means to finally completely possess this person. In the rest of her life, she will never let go. "Xiaoyuan, don't even think about running away, or I'll buy up all of Dai's family's properties and leave them all destitute." Shan Yaxin hugged the person in her arms tightly, with a crazy look in her eyes. Dai Shiyuan quickly leaned over and kissed her to appease her. PS: This is a sweet 1v1 romance with no infidelity. ---------- Disclaimer: This book is not my original work and is the property of [妘染 - Yan Ran]. Alternative: 偏执女友[穿书 For more information about the original work, please visit [].

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